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A Water

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  • South Korea South Korea

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A Water


The Alkaline water is found 600 meter underground.
This well has the capacity to produce over 1,000 tons of clean artesian water per day.
The spring is located deep in the mountain.
It is an uncontaminated environment and the water is preserved in its best quality at
the FDA approved facility.


>> Nutrition Fact (mg/L)



Helps bone structure, dentification and coagulation

Magnesium (Mg)


Helps parallel-balancing body pH, vitalization of coagulation palpation enzyme

palpation enzyme
Sodium (Na)

26 mg

Helps parallel-balancing body pH, muscle formation, osmotic pressure control

pressure control Potassium (K)


Helps maintaining blood pressure, discarding body waste, vitalization energy metabolism and brain functions

>> Size : 600ml

  • Best for general, before and after exercising.
    Size differentiation

>> Size : 600ml

  • Best for home, restaurant or outdoor activity
    Size differentiation
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